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Optimizing Capital

Alternative Investment For The Discerning Investor

The Xyields  Approach 

Xyields is dedicated to maximizing returns and optimizing capital for our clients. We provide discerning investors with exclusive access to the Forex Market through a selective network, offering prime regulated brokerage, bespoke investment methodologies, and sophisticated risk management systems managed by our proprietary Cybernetic Equity Protection System (CEPS).


Our clients include Professional Partners and High Net Worth Individuals who share a vision and commitment to strategic, informed market participation. We are pleased to welcome you to Xyields.

best forex platform for wholesale investors

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 Advanced Forex Trading System
best forex platform for wholesale investors

"Our simple founding principle is, to empower and protect investors with our technology and insights, required to grow their capital, in today's complex financial markets."

NorthernSpring Live   Results 

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Xyields Live  Results 

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NorthernSpring  Strategy 

We take great pride in our NorthernSpring strategy, a cornerstone in the world of investment strategies with a solid five-year track record of outstanding performance. Confidently, we can say that it ranks among the top investment methodologies worldwide, continually outshining its peers in the elite class of trading systems. 

The evolution of our NorthernSpring strategy has been a calculated journey toward perfecting a robust and highly effective approach. Throughout its five-year history, we have systematically bolstered our risk management and leverage controls, significantly enhancing our Cybernetic Equity Protection systems (CEPS) performance..

Our commitment extends beyond technical enhancements. We diligently streamline the system’s architecture to ensure it remains both agile and powerful, providing investors with steadfast, secure monitoring around the clock. This unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that the NorthernSpring strategy isn’t just a tool—it’s a transformative force for investors seeking to achieve unmatched success in their portfolios.

The first iteration of NorthernSpring was conceived in 2018, springing from 30 years of bank and market trading. We have gone through many iterations to improve and refine the original concept.

The concept was a trading system that could be assured of profitability based on mathematics and statistics over directional forecasting and predictions.

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Foundational Strategy

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Adaptably Agile

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Paramount to any trading strategy, we have implemented our proprietary Cybernetic Equity Protection System (CEPS), which is a feedback loop to mitigate leverage and risk problems. 

CEPS implements rigorous risk controls, such as position sizing, timeframes, stop-loss mechanisms and diversification strategies, and it helps mitigate potential losses and safeguards the overall profitability of the system. 

A long-term trading concept must exhibit adaptability and flexibility, capable of adjusting to an evolving market. Regular reassessment and refinement are crucial to ensure the system remains pertinent and profitable.

NorthernSpring does not rely on scalping or small pip strategies so it is suitable for big clicks and large investments. NorthernSpring can be scaled in more configurations according to
investors' risk appetite.

Because NorthernSpring is the product of a natural stream of iterations we are able to make a solid projection of profitability.

We launched this final iteration in October 2023 and
the results have been within our projected statistical expectancy.

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Risk Management

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